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karma +895 Reagovat
27.4.2017, 16:21
Pacta sunt servanda. Smajlík
karma +895 Reagovat
27.4.2017, 16:20
In addition: David Honzík has a valid contract. Here at KV he is the clear number 1. for the next season it should be clear-cut what there is to do for all participants.

(If KV will not return to the Extraliga next year, the situation will be an other.)
karma +895 Reagovat
27.4.2017, 16:14
Reakce na plasa: Seriously? I do think Honzík is a goali...
The point is: We need an excellent goalie ... now ... and for the next years.
David Honzík is the right one for this job!
karma +895 Reagovat
27.4.2017, 16:01
Reakce na Vosa1: Naopak směrem na Vysočinu by se mohl př...
Thank you! Smajlík

David Honzík himself says he has a valid contract at KV. That is a really good news. Smajlík (The first good news after the relegation.)

Btw: If there will be any person who lets David Honzík go now (on top, even to a possible direct rival in the next year´s Baráž), I will tar and feather him! Smajlík It was a big mistake to give Tomáš Závorka a contract in the last months (for what?) - I do not want to see the next asininity around the most important position in our team, the goalie position.
karma +895 Reagovat
27.4.2017, 10:54
HC Energie Karlovy Vary - 10th ...
HC Škoda Plzeň - 13th!


karma +895 Reagovat
24.4.2017, 15:10
Reakce na xman98: No bohužel tenhle argument obstál poku...
Volleyball? Interesting for sponsors? Europe?
Uhm, no, I do not think so. I like to play Volleyball, especially Beach Volleyball! But it is boring to watch it (especially the usual Volleyball) ... and I see all in all no further interest in the whole wide world for watching this sports. Sponsoring Volleyball has a very limited range of influence - I would say it is more or less "lost money", if you want to advertise for your enterprise.

The city will have to think about the utilisation of the KV Arena - and I see only two realistic options: Hockey or Emptiness (cultural events or other sports will not fill it over the whole year, and the Arena costs money, even if it is not in use).
karma +895 Reagovat
24.4.2017, 14:54
Reakce na RudaPejcharjebuh: Budget of city´s gover...
I guessed it, too. Smajlík But I do not know, either.

If it would be so, it would lead to the next questions: When are the dates of payment? Monthly, quarterly, half-yearly...? Payable in advance or in retrospect? maybe, it has not so much of an effect for the next season, even if the sum will be reduced.

But one thing should be clear now:
Besides the fact such an enterprise is good for every city, the budget should be built on reliable shoulders (and not on the capriciousness of any politicians, they never adhere to their words).
karma +895 Reagovat
24.4.2017, 12:51
Reakce na Vosa1: Už to začíná...
Thanks. Smajlík

Interesting: "Nepředpokládá ale že už pro letošní rok, řekl dnes ČTK."
karma +895 Reagovat
24.4.2017, 11:24
Reakce na Churchill: V roce 2014 byla úplně odlišná situ...
What were the headlines about Chomutov during spring and summer last year?

I still see two struggling teams, clutching at any straw, where there could be one flourishing team...
karma +895 Reagovat
24.4.2017, 11:16
Reakce na javor: Bože tady je ale sraček. Není opravdu l...
I want to underline one thing here: "Pak jsou tu další, kteří sice ví, ale nemůžou to napsat. Tak proč to sem proboha píšete, když to nemůžete napsat naplno o co jde? Naprosto mi uniká smysl takových příspěvků."

There is a saying in Germany: If a chicken gaggles, it should lay the egg! Smajlík
karma +895 Reagovat
24.4.2017, 11:05
Btw - not long ago: odkaz
karma +895 Reagovat
24.4.2017, 10:59
Reakce na kjetel: Je to jednoduchý, klíčovou roli hraje ...
Thanks. Smajlík

But: Why two more or less instable teams, than one really flourishing team?

The other thing is: Where is the perspective (keyword: "global warming"), if the coal enterprises end.

Btw1: HC GoldBears KV would have been interesting... Smajlík ...if it was an option ever.
Btw2: Kjetel, do you have a facebook account?
karma +895 Reagovat
24.4.2017, 10:36
Btw: There is one structural aspect I still do not understand... It is difficult to fund two hockey enterprises at the highest level within 30-40 kilometers (even at Praha). A team at the city of KV should be much more interesting for sponsors. So who is sponsoring at Chomutov, and especially why are they sponsoring not at KV?

(Please, you people from Chomutov, there is no offense meant by me, I just try to understand.)
karma +895 Reagovat
24.4.2017, 09:29
Reakce na Vosa1: Jeden smutný, avšak pravdivý příspěvek ...
Ad 1.: The other side was: Our MHL team was - because of its skills - one of the favourites there and maybe on the way to win this competition. And then the russians did not pay the money they announced and were liable for! Who was there at the meetings? Who KNOWS it better? I do not rely on the russian lie... uhm, russian faked "truths" published on russian websites.
Ad 2.: I do not really care...
Ad 3.: Without the helping of some (bribed? ...but at least biased) referees in (at minimum) the matches against Pardubice, we would have saved the Extraliga.

...but it is, what it is now!

For me the most disappointing aspect is: We will never know, which way this team could have taken for the next years, if it was staying together (plus some added players to replace some half-heartedly pseudo professional players now).

In the past some sponsors were chosen, and some were (more or less obviously) not. Now is the time to see, if the right ones were chosen. Now is the time to see, if the sponsors are reliable.

Fantasies, speculations and dreams (= nightmares, if I think of a return of the prima donnas like Mr "all the other players are making mistakes, but not me" Duda and/or Mr "I play only 80% of what I can play, that is enough for me" Bartek) will not(!) help.

All in all it is a question of the contracts and the readiness!
Let us see what happens.
Have a nice summer! Smajlík

____ strong indicator will be the goalie position now: With a goalie which plays at most 20 (which is the average of the last seasons he played) matches at 100% is no goalie for a mission to return to the Extraliga. So, if this goalie will be still here in September, we can be quite sure, we will not return in 2018.
karma +895 Reagovat
23.4.2017, 18:17
After many lost years/seasons (especially the last one with R. Duda and all the other egomaniacal prima donnas) this season we were going the right way.
We had the right concept, we played honest, good hockey and we won sympathies.
At some points it went wrong (which was not only our fault) and so we got this result, we have to live with.

Now is the time to see: WHO IS ONE OF US?

Some players should review their attitude about "being a professionell hockey player". There are some of our players I do not shed a tear over, if they are leaving. And two players I do DEFINETLY NOT want to see again are Tomáš Závorka and Václav Benák.

PS: If I was documentary filmmaker, I would make a documentary movie about incidents/failings of the referees during this Baráž. I thought the quality assurance of the CSLH would work - I was wrong. During this Baráž the referees were biased, until the result was clear.
karma +895 Reagovat
23.4.2017, 17:26
It would never come to my mind to pay for boredom and operetta on grass any money. Smajlík
karma +895 Reagovat
23.4.2017, 16:38
Reakce na FeryBo: nečekali jste že by tam jihlava vyhral...
Yes, an interesting thought... but it is their own workplace... so karma will strike back.
...and which of our players should go to the 2018 relegated team. Smajlík
karma +895 Reagovat
23.4.2017, 16:33
Half-heartedly pre(!)season-/summer-hockey in both matches.

karma +895 Reagovat
23.4.2017, 16:00
Reakce na VANEKnaZDI: Tak se stalo to co se dalo ocekava...
Well, fresh players may be better than exhausted, injured and drunken players. But we will see what the words from Jihlava are worth, in the next two hours...
If they do not take their chances, it will be the first badge of shame for Jihlava even before their Extraliga season.
Nothing that wins sympathies for Jihlava.
karma +895 Reagovat
23.4.2017, 15:26
We will see if the words from Jihlava about "dignity" and "to continue the competitio" were only blah-blah-blah or not.
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